Are Online Lenders taking over?

Online lenders don't do this

We’ve all seen the commercials. “Push button, get mortgage” is constantly advertised on television and the internet. In fact one company in particular who piloted a certain spaceship-themed gimmick, went as far as to poke fun at Mortgage Loan Officers in a recent ad campaign. The scene depicts a mortgage consultation where the Loan Officer […]

Understanding Your Credit


Let’s face it, credit scores influence a lot of your financial profile. When someone has low credit scores they often have outstanding debt or financial skeletons that are looming. On the other hand, a clean credit history allows for higher credit to be extended, and lower interest paid on loans and debts. A lower credit […]

First Time Home Buyers

First Time Homebuyers

First Time Home Buyers Over the past week I was able to help five families purchase their first homes, and what a joy it has been. One of my challenges as a Loan Officer is making sure I’m thorough enough throughout the loan process, and if I’m successful the buyers won’t have many questions at […]

The Weekend

Weekend Lending

There are countless advantages to having a local lender who is available on nights and weekends. I wanted to share an example, which just took place this weekend.

9/22/17 USDA Closing

USDA closing

Another happy customer that settled on their first home purchase using the USDA loan with Tim Sisson of First Home Mortgage.