The Loan Process

Loan Process

Learn about the mortgage loan process in this comprehensive summary, brought to you by Tim Sisson with First Home Mortgage.


– Contacts the Loan Officer for financing information
– Gathers information needed for application
– Starts looking for a new home

Loan Officer

– Begins the loan process
– Discusses qualifying monthly payments and cash needed for closing
– Explains various loan programs available and quotes interest rates
– Coordinates possible settlement date/s with borrower
– Guides borrower from application to closing



– Communicates with you on items necessary for your loan approval
– Coordinates with your Homeowner’s Insurance Agent to get your policy
– Prepares your file for underwriting, including verifying credit assets, employment and income


– Works directly with the loan officer and processor to approve your loan
– Requests additional documentation from you to supplement your file
– Renders final approval


– Assembles closing documents (the package) for your settlement
– Coordinates with loan officer and title company to approve the Closing Disclosure
– Forwards the closing documents and wire to the title company



– Takes place at title company’s office, realtor’s office, or lender’s office
– Bring a certified/cashier’s check to closing made out to the title company
– Bring driver’s license
– Sign closing documents
– CONGRATULATIONS on your New Home!


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