With Tim Sisson, the process to pre-qualify for a mortgage is as smooth as silk. He offers a variety of secure and convenient pre-qualification options:

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        We will gladly schedule an appointment to meet in our Dunkirk office to help you Pre-Qualify and discuss loan options.

      Download Application

        Download this FREE Pre-Qualification form now and simply mail it, fax it, or bring it to the office.

      Loan Preparation Checklist to Pre-Qualify

      • 30 days of Paystubs
      • 2016 and 2017 W’2’s (All Employers)
      • 2016 and 2017 Federal Tax Returns (All Schedules)
      • 60 days of Bank Statements (Checking/Savings – all pages)
      • Child support or alimony payments (if applicable)
      • Investment/Retirement account statements (401k, 403B, TSP, Roth IRA, etc.)
      • [If Self-Employed] Year-to-date profit and loss statement
      • [If Self-Employed] 2016 and 2017 Business Tax Returns

    Tim Sisson financial docs

    Should you have any questions regarding the items above or how to obtain them, please call Tim Sisson at 301-327-5817 or email him at

    These items can be sent as an attachment to our secure email: or you can fax them to 443-725-9080. Also, Tim is available during office hours (9am-5pm, Mon-Fri) for you to drop them off or make copies. The office address is:

    2810 Laurian Ln
    Suite 100
    Dunkirk, MD 20754